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Local businesses have come to rely on our information services. We provide background research on potential business partners or competitors. Before you hire new employees, allow us to conduct pre-employment screening of  job applicants so you know who your employees will be working with. Our quick, reliable services have provided valuable information to our clients.


Let us help you screen out any bad apples. We conduct FCRA compliant background screens on potential employees / volunteers / renters. There are a lot of internet, national companies offering various levels of screening relying on national computer databases and support staff who do not understand Delaware court systems.


Our Delaware private investigators actually travel to Delaware courts - the only way to obtain Delaware criminal and civil information - to perform our own criminal background investigations.  Don't pay for outdated database information. Get the most up to date information available.  Additionally, our office staff / investigators are familiar with Delaware courts and can knowledgeably answer any questions about results. 


If your company/agency is interested, we could integrate an online application in your own website to facilitate the process of conducting background screens.


Useful information for employers and applicants:


EEOC - Background Checks: What Job Applicants and Employees Should Know


FTC - "Forty Years of Experience with the Fair Credit Reporting Act"



If you absolutely need to know your documents will be delivered ​in Delaware or surrounding Maryland counties, let us take care of them for you. We use GPS technology to document our delivery in the same way we serve Delaware subpoenas or summons.  We can send an automatic email update when your documents have been successfully delivered. 


In the same manner, if you need documents just click the link below or give us a call and rest assured we will pick them up for you. 



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